Author Topic: Club Tour Mk4 with 650b wheels?  (Read 180 times)


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Club Tour Mk4 with 650b wheels?
« on: June 30, 2020, 07:25:17 PM »
Hi all,

my first question - and hopefully this is not too 'strange'  ;)

Thorn offers the Club Tour Mk5 with wider 650b / ETRTO 584 tires (up to 57mm with mudguards in "Build 3"),
my question is: what would be possible with the Mk4 frame?
The Mk4 was the "Gravel Bike" in 2018 with 40-622 tires and "Thorn Reynolds steel disc brake 700c touring fork with lo loader bosses".

I found an advice to measure the inner frame width at the chainstays:
"The widest point in a 650B x 47-48mm tire is about 325mm from center of the rear axle.
So if you measure that distance on your stay, from the rear axle, you should have over 58mm of room (in our opinion) for a 47/48mm 650B tire."
(from '').

Someone could kindly help to give this measurement?
Anyone tried to use 650b / 584 wheels with the Mk4 frame?

Thank you,