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Re: Cycle navigation
« Reply #15 on: July 25, 2020, 03:39:22 PM »
Like some of the guys here I also use a combination of technologies.

If I have a computer I use Ride With GPS (via a browser) to plan legs (about 500km max). I then export to GPX and drop it into my dropbox which syncs the file to my phone.

I then load the GPX file onto my Garmin 200 - a very simple GPS device which uses the GPX to create a breadcrumb trail to follow. The battery lasts about 2 days, a big plus. The only issue is you need a PC to get the GPX onto the device. At the moment Iīm looking for a basic GPS with bluetooth (and good battery) which I can then use to get GPX files onto the device and negate the need for a PC.

On my phone I use OSMand and load the GPX track into the app. I use this to check the elevation and distances between points. I donīt use my phone for navigation.
You can also plan routes in OSMand and export them to GPX, then add GPX to DropBox and you can then get it from a PC if you need (to copy it to a GPS unit).

Iīm a big fan of OSMand - the detail available is brilliant and I highly recommend it over Maps.Me. I went for the paid subscription and I think itīs worth it.

Of course, with any route planning - check your route before downloading the GPX to your devices! RideWithGPS uses Google Maps for their automatic routing *I think* and you may find yourself in some mad places if you donīt check carefully :)


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Re: Cycle navigation
« Reply #16 on: July 26, 2020, 04:07:26 PM »
@kvbcycles - I recommend the Garmin 520 and above if it wasn't for the fact that has been down for a week (due to ransomware attack I believe). I have started using my old (4-years+) 520 for navigation recently and it is doing a good job for turn-by-turn navigation.

Like you, I am a big fan of ridewithgps for route planning, it is easy to use and platform-independent.  I must take a look at OSMand too.  In my bookmarks I now have (with marks out of 5):  I also have a Garmin XT for motorcycling - which I am in two minds about.

Google maps 5/5 - keeps getting better
Bing Maps 4/5 - free OS maps for UK
Google My Maps 3/5 - POIs plotted over GPX routes is useful (accommodation, campsites, cafes) - see for my NSCR route, now overlayed with photos geotagged to the route
ViewRanger 4/5 - long distance walking essential
Strava - 4/5 - I avoided this for ages but lockdown has made it an addictive app
RidewithGPS - 5/5 - best route planner IMO
Rever - haven't explored this yet - m/cycle oriented
MyRoute - 4/5 - good route planner for m/cycles with TomTom or Garmin, nice community
Garmin Connect - 1/5 - down for a week now :-( - clunky
Garmin Explore - 1/5 - hopeless app - no wonder Garmin IT is so weak - don;t even get me started about Basecamp.  Garmin are like Nokia - will soon be hardware only - x/5 - yet to use this, but came recommended - 4/5 - excellent campsite finder for campervans and cyclists

So many options to choose from.  Maybe I'll just go back to paper maps and compass - it's easier and more engaging.

"GPS will take you where you want to go; a map will take you somewhere new"

lewis noble

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Re: Cycle navigation
« Reply #17 on: July 26, 2020, 05:29:15 PM »
Brilliant final comment, trailplanner. . . . . GPS will take you . . . . .A map will take you . . . . .

I have stuck to / reverted to paper maps; occasional use of g-maps in phone.  The more frequent stops for paper maps, bulk in saddlebag etc. doesn't bother me, and suits my style of riding and touring. 

interesting website, thanks.



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Re: Cycle navigation
« Reply #18 on: July 26, 2020, 11:36:24 PM »
I use to plan routes, then I download the gpx files and upload them to OSMaps and view the route on my phone with the OS Maps app.
I also have a Beeline device so sometimes upload the gpx file to their app and follow the arrow.
As a last resort I have a Satmap active 10 with OS 1:50000 maps of the UK.


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Re: Cycle navigation
« Reply #19 on: August 20, 2020, 06:01:48 PM »

So now I'm looking at leaving mid September (if I actually go) but have stalled now for two months about getting a garmin again, or perhaps this time only the iPhone and going through "all that".  For the first time ever, I'm not excited at all about the planning. Everything else I'm pumped up for, except electronic navigation and the endless little things that go along with it. I also REFUSE to go along with any map app that has a subscription.  I'm done with that ransoming forever.

So, with a bit of hesitation, I'm going the paper route. I'm pretty sure, like 90 percent sure.  Hey now that I've typed this ... it's like a commitment and I feel a bit better already.  No hours or research, no buying "the best 2020 garmin device" no more software choices, no screaming at the software.  Just open piece of paper and look at the lines.  Could it really be that simple?