Author Topic: M4 x 6mm grubscrews for bayonet connectors on Rohloff internal shifter  (Read 445 times)

John Saxby

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Have nearly 100 of these helpful wee things which are surplus to requirements.  They cost me Cdn 10Ę each, so I can send you however many you want for the price of postage.

Photos below show these installed:
    ➢   2 on my Raven, side-by-side with two M4 x 5mm barrelhead grubscrews, for comparison
    ➢   2 on my Easy-set

These grubscrews are stainless steel, and the socket in the head takes a 2mm hex Allen key, same as the standard Rohloff item.

The 6mm grubscrews stand about 3 mm proud of the surface of the connector, making connection/disconnection much easier than with the standard item.  On my Raven, Iíve installed the grubscrews on the outer sides of the connectors, so that they donít foul each other.

A set of four would work nicely on two pairs of connectors.  I'd suggest a kit of six, to allow for escapees.

Send me a PM if youíre interested, with your postal address.  I have a PayPal account, so the cost of postage is easily transferred.