Author Topic: Best bicycle component you ever bought?  (Read 3963 times)

Bill C

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Re: Best bicycle component you ever bought?
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I don't think putting "wide range derailleur gearing" as one of the three things that have most influenced my cycling should be considered as slagging derailleurs.

hi Martinf

i quoted Andre's post in it he quoted your post after editing it
i did read you post and am aware you listed wide range derailleur gearing as one of the best components you had bought
I'm going to take a few months off the forum before i get so cheesed off i don't want to be involved with it anymore
it's finally warm enough to start spraying again and i have Thorns waiting for some tlc

adios till then Bill
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Re: Best bicycle component you ever bought?
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Best thing ever bought?  Cycling underwear.  The sunburn was terrible, until I got a pair.  :)

Andre Jute

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Re: Best bicycle component you ever bought?
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On one of his several netsites, in the days before he became an important politician, the California cyclist Steven M Scharf (Mayor Scharf to you)* had a choice selection of naked Danish ladies (hmm, not quite the right word, but they were definitely women) cycling here, there and everywhere. Being a cynic I wondered if the saddle burn was worth the frisson of outraging the bourgeoisie. Even lace lingerie might have offered more protection against Mr Brooks' stiff leather.

*Scharfie, in the years before BUMM saw the (LED) light, published superb plans for building powerful cycling lamps using decorator's track lamps from the MR11 and MR16 series. I built a set of each and the total cost was about twenty bucks for really useful lamps at a time when any lamp that could get a TUV or CE stamp after sunset was used on the roads only by the terminally reckless.
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