Author Topic: Coaster Brakes & Rim Hydraulic Brakes / Turn Your Bike into a Leaning Tricycle  (Read 442 times)

Andre Jute

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Heh-heh. I was looking into the Gold Wing with the idea of turning it into a leaning three-wheeler, just for the hell of it, and because it would be easier to prototype what I had in mind on a powered frame than on my bike, which would follow; meanwhile I wouldn't be wrecking the irreplaceable historic paintwork on my bike with elimination experiments. But there's no point when Honda will have a production model next year, and the Niken is already available, and several pretty powerful three-wheel tilting scooters too, none of which I knew when out of the blue the idea of turning my bike into a tilting three-wheeler came to me. Anyway, the last time I had a big bike, the biggest Laverda, was in the 1960's, and in Ireland there's an onerous graduated process of getting a motorcycle license, which people over seventy probably (I haven't looked into it in detail) need to go though again every year. Duh, that's too much trouble. The solution, to make the front track wide and use the thing with a car driver's licence, makes tilting wheels irrelevant, as their main purpose is stability, which a wide track automatically provides. Anyway, taking a tape measure to some of my favourite rides in the lanes soon demonstrated that two wheels in tandem is the optimum bike configuration for me, and that the girth of the Gold Wing, even with only two wheels, would be more of a menace than a pleasure (the rear wheel would be constantly on wet grass or, more likely, sliding off it unpredictably onto high-friction tarmac -- ouch). Your experience is another data point on a right decision. And some fascinating bike research has come up, inter alia in the links Dan and Jim posted.