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Having just upgraded my bike to a Club Tour with a Tubus Airy rack, I'm pondering possibly changing my panniers. Current ones  are budget models that have clips that just drop on, but would like some click/fix type. I wonder if there are any recommendations, the Ortlieb Sport-packer plus look nice but lack external pockets which I currently use to carry things needed en-route like spare tubes, tools, gloves etc. I know you can fix additional pockets to these but that starts to make them quite expensive

Anyone other recommendations for the Airy rack, I quite like the Carradice Kendal panniers but not sure about the straps & buckles vs click-in fixings. I think around 30 litres (pair) is enough carrying capacity for what I need.

Other suggestions welcome. I'm not sure if it makes a difference but I've taken the Thorn recommended brake configuration of a mechanical read disk with front caliper brakes.

Have a look at the Thule panniers. I got a pair at a good price and the rack fixing is very secure and easy to use. The material is heavy pvc with welded seams and roll tops so they have proved waterproof so far. I still put bits that must stay dry in dry bags but on a very wet tour in June not a drop got in. Mine are the lime green which I suspect is why they were a good price but it goes well with my Mercury.

I do not know if Ortlieb has changed their brackets since I bought mine a decade ago (see photo), but whatever you decide I strongly suggest you get panniers that you can adjust fore and aft like you can with the Ortliebs. 

I keep my panniers as far forward as I can while avoiding heel strike on the panniers.  If my panniers are too far back, that impairs handling.  I use my Ortliebs on three different touring bikes, each bike has different chainstay lengths.  Thus, each time I switch the panniers to a different bike I have to adjust the hooks.

Go for the ortlieb sport packers, how often do you need access to a tube and tools, never hopefully.

Bought the Ortlieb Sport Packers, as recommended. Seem to be a perfect fit and look great. Thanks for the advice.


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