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Nomad/Bafang E Unit
« on: October 03, 2019, 04:40:46 AM »
I have a twenty year old Nomad 26 inch wheel gents tourer that has served me very well indeed.
It is utterly Bomb proof and a credit to Thorn for its quality build.
I am a big guy, six feet tall and  always carrying extra body weight.
I have been on a few credit card tours, here, in Ireland and France and do regular day tours in hilly parts of UK, sometimes solo, sometimes with CTC and other groups.
I turn seventy next March and my health is taking a turn for the worst with Osteo Arthritis problems.
Quite a few of my regular companions awheel have changed over to E Bikes.
Mostly Hai, Whyte and a few Orbeos.
I have one other bike, a Kinesis T2 Racelight, I had made up by Paul Hewitt at Leyland.
I live in a fantastic part of the UK, on Morecambe Bay.
The South Lakes and Three Peaks are my happy hunting grounds.
Yesterday's was a really typical ride up to Kendal and back, via Burton in Lonsdale and Stainton, returning via Milnethorpe and Arnside. Some 41 miles with a bit of collar work here and there.
I was crocked on the hilly bits and sore this morning.
I am really short of space where I live and don't want another bike, so I am exploring retro fitting an e motor to the Nomad.
I am also on a limited budget so cannot afford to buy a Bespoke E Bike.
Thorn fit Pendix motors and have invited me down to try one.
I am reluctant, simply based on poor reviews of this unit, where lack of power is sighted.
I am looking at Bafang Crank Drive units which have very good write ups and are known to be powerful.
Can anyone on the Forum offer any experience on this subject?

Andre Jute

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Re: Nomad/Bafang E Unit
« Reply #1 on: October 03, 2019, 09:54:11 AM »
You've come to the right place. There's considerable experience of the Bafang bottom bracket central motor here. But note before you spend a penny that you cannot fit the Bafang BBxx motors to those Thorn bikes which use eccentric bottom brackets. Fill Bafang into the search box top right and you'll find plenty of threads on the subject.

Here's where we started on the journey in 2015:
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