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Original Brooks Conquest saddle for sale

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I have an original Brooks Conquest saddle for sale. Black leather and metal work with copper rivets.
As a teenager, my son used it for one off-road Scottish coast-to-coast trip but found it too firm to live with. (If only he had persevered it would be just about broken in by now - he's 38!). Apart from that it's unused.
Leather is in good condition. Some rust on the nuts which could be replaced.

Further details and photos available on request.

Hello, seems  like this is an old post and i'm sure somebody has picked up the saddle already, but in case it's still available, I'd like  to have a look at it.

Apologies for the delay in responding to your inquiry - I had forgotten about my original post. 

The answer is "yes", I still have the Conquest saddle.  If you are still interested I can recover it from storage and either post photos or send you them by personal message.

(For anyone else reading this I also still have a complete Thorn Raven 420ST bike in virtually mint condition)

Did this ever sell ?

I had a Conquest and despite its best efforts I eventually conquered it and we became firm friends for many kms. I sold it on with my MK1 Nomad, partly because it was a bit heavy and it didn’t have any saddle loops. To this day I admonish myself worse than an errant Jesuit would. In the words of one Captain Mainwaring ‘Stupid Boy’ 
If you get it, keep it.

I’m sure there’s a rich ‘I wish I hadn’t sold’ thread to be started.


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