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Unpacking my S&S Nomad MkII from the S&S Backpack Case

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--- Quote from: ourclarioncall on April 04, 2021, 11:27:16 PM ---Good read

My wife is American (Texas) and I have thought about taking a bike over and how that would work .

I fancy trying a cruise on the qe2 but not sure if they would let you take a fully built up bike or if your would have to get some sort of case. Or if S+S is the way to go for world travelling . Hmmm

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I am not sure if Thorn has completely discontinued S&S options or not.  It is my understanding that the Nomad Mk III does not have an S&S option like my Mk II.  There are many other brands of bikes that have S&S as an option.

Ritchey Break Away bikes are also a coupled bike, their case is slightly larger than the USA oversize limit, but owners of those bikes have told me that airlines rarely measure the case size.  That said, Delta and American airlines in USA dropped their oversize fees for bicycles.  But that is a much more rare bike, I have one that is badged as a Raleigh but also has the Ritchey logo on the frame, that is the only Break Away bike that I have seen that is badged as a brand other than Ritchey.

And there are lots of different folding bikes out there.  JohnR mentioned Airnimal.  I have an Airnimal Joey, that is my folding bike.  But it is a 24 inch wheel size, and packing that for travel in my S&S case is almost as time consuming as packing my S&S bike.  Folding bikes with 20 inch wheels may work better for packing if you consider folding as an option.


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