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Hi Folks,
Taking my first step into cycle touring in France next week, a nice, easy bit of cycle camping along the Loire.... just a shake down ride to make sure everything works as planned.... I have a Raven with all the bits, just bought a Hilleberg Enan to replace a cheaper tent that I originally planned to take.... I watched the Hilleberg promotional video so many times before I bought it, that I started to develop a Swedish accent !!!.
If it goes to plan, I hope to cycle from Santander to Roscoff next year .... Iím not a diehard cyclist, I just figure that if I take it easy I will get there eventually ! .... anyone used a Hilleberg Enan ? .. it hurt to pay that much for a tent, but Iíve got to that age where I want quality.... if it goes well I will let you know , if it doesnít you will see my gear for sale LOL !!!

Good luck with your ride, enjoy yourself.  Make sure you update us with your progress, photos are good!

Thank you Richard, I will.

John Saxby:

--- Quote ---Iíve got to that age where I want quality
--- End quote ---

My approach to camping gear has always been: buy quality or repent at leisure.

That said, I've not owned a Hilleberg tent.  From the catalogue, though, they seem very well designed. Look forward to your report.

Enjoy the Loire valley.  Europe has a lot of valleys to let a rider begin cycle-touring--easy terrain, good food/drink/accommodation, trains to get you home.

Cheers,  John

Hey Smithy,
I was/am planning the same trip - would be interested to hear of your plans (don't worry I am not angling to come with you :-) ).  The ferry to Bilbao  is cheaper btw - the route over the mountains looked interesting too and, I understand that there is a scenic (slow) railway that serves the area.
There is a Cameno Norte route that looks hilly but beautiful.  I guess it depends on how long you have for the trip.

I used Cycle.Travel to help with the route planning but did not get as far as planning accommodation/camping spots.



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