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Kickstand on a Nomad or a Raven anyone?

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--- Quote ---I have tried a variety of things to act as a parking brake for my front wheel.
--- End quote ---

For the last decade or so, I have use BikeBrake bands to hold my brake levers shut. I usually have two sets on my for the interrupter levers along the tops of my drop handlebars and another for the regular brake levers on the drops themselves (I use either, not both; the second set is just a matter of convenience and redundancy). They've not stretched in all this time, nor have they degraded or cracked from the high UV levels I've exposed them to in my desert tours. They stay stored nicely in place on the handlebars till you need them, then are easy to pluck off by grasping the little tabs molded into one side. They are really strong and secure and grip the levers tightly resulting in some real braking of the stationary rims. They are available in various colors to mix or match as desired:



Dan , that’s such a good idea, I googled BikeBrake, but unfortunately they don’t appear to market them in the UK.

lewis noble:
I had a look too, Smiffy . . .  no actual outlets, but can be mailed from US by look of website??  Though cost starts going up . . .

When you buy a click-stand you are supplied with some bike-brakes which are small loops of elastic chord with a plastic closure. Scroll down here to see a picture ...

I have been using them for years and they last a long time. You could make your own with there plastic closures and some good quality 3-4mm elastic chord and these clips ...

I made my own “clickstand” with an old tent pole which uses the same grade of tubing. I used a bungee cord from the same tent as a brake elastic. It stores along the top tube using the Velcro that holds my pump. It locates under the nose of my saddle when holding the bike upright. I used an old (found) walking pole rubber end stuck on with sugru.


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