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Kickstand on a Nomad or a Raven anyone?

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I really prefer a real kickstand like I use on my Nomad Mk II and on my Sherpa.  I was not aware in 2013 when I built up my Nomad that Thorn was opposed to a side stand like the Greenfield that I use, I have also used one on my Sherpa since 2010.  But I think that the warranty on those ran out before I saw on this forum that Thorn says that using one can negate your warranty.

I have a home made stand similar to the Clickstand that I use on my titanium bike and another that I use on my folding bike.  But I am hesitant to use a Greenfield sidestand on the titanium stays.  And such a stand does not fit properly on my folding bike.

il padrone:

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--- Quote from: John Saxby on July 08, 2021, 02:38:30 PM ---Ummmm...  Keep it simple'n'light is my advice:

One of these, 5-segment preferred:

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But if it works... why not?

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Mostly, it does NOT, with a fully-loaded touring bike. Friend of mine has tried the clickstand, and broken them twice. They simply do not take the load of a bike with 30+ kgs of camping gears.

il padrone:
This DID work for me, for a couple of weeks on tour. An emergency solution.

@ il padrone - that is the swiss army knife of bike stands you just invented. It is nore than just a stand. Need an implement to keep wild animals at bay? It doubles as a club. Get a ball, an impromptu alternative for cricket bat. Attach upwardly to your rear paniers with a bright t-shirt afixed to the top and you have a hi-vis flag & pole to help you be noticed in traffic. Connect some string and tie other end to a tree and you have a clothes line. Need a cuppa at the end of a long ride- and you'll have your firewood too.

So where can you get this multipurpose bike accessory? I've heard trees have them in stock. They have branches all over the world, so we can all get one soon.

Is this adaptor for the MK3 only ?
I have a MK2 Nomad


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