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Split belt drive conversion kit

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Hi All!

This is an interesting belt drive development intended to work with existing frames. These special belts are by Gates and matching Rohloff sprockets are reportedly coming soon. I have no financial interest in the product, just find it intriguing as it is a different approach than a closed belt. The split design might also allow for more compact storage of a spare inside panniers. Current cost is about $350-$380 with the Shimano and Sturmey-archer compatible sprockets now offered. Drivetrain life is listed as "3x as long" as traditional chain components. That could be more or less costly depending on which components wear first. Sprockets are hardened and nickel-plated cromoly rather than stainless; rivets are stainless.

I'm guessing a non-contact (1-1.5mm clearance) snubber would be required for Rohloff applications. See:

Rohloff has a newly developed (August 2018) heavy-duty threaded lockring for the Gates-drive carrier, designed to better lock things in place with a belt drive and so reduce clicking caused by fretting of the sprocket on the carrier. See:



Now that is an interesting development Dan. Thanks for the post.
Doubt if there will be a rush to convert existing bikes though.
Maybe I'll give it a try..........

So am I understanding this correctly. As of now this split bet will not work with regular Gates sprockets?

Provisionally, I like it. Belt drive has always been a 'drip drip drip' of an idea inside my head....

I have read numerous articles/web site posts re the pro's and con's of belt drive and I don't think that I will be convinced, one way or the other, until I've actually tried it AT LENGTH myself...which I guess is obvious really. The fact that I can now try it without cutting/re-painting my Surly is a real bonus. I'm guessing that it should work well with sliding dropouts with (say) Tugnuts as well.

I like to keep my bikes really clean, but at times it's difficult as I ride all year round and in all conditions. I have recently started experimenting with waxing my chains, as opposed to oiling them, and it has been a revelation. The bikes are SO much cleaner and it's SO much easier to keep them that way. It seems to me that a belt drive takes 'keeping things clean' to the next level ?

Interesting stuff.

John Saxby:
Thanks, Dan.  Interesting stuff indeed, and a clever fix for the issue of cutting the frame to install an endless belt.

But, from where I sit: If the cost would be close to the
--- Quote ---current cost [of] about $350-$380 with the Shimano and Sturmey-archer compatible sprockets now offered
--- End quote ---
, that's a lot of chains. The most expensive chain I've ever bought is an SRAM PC 971, CAD 28.00 at MEC.

Cheers,  J.


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