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Re: 2 tyres?
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Hi Inbred,

The dureme tyres are very light and a strong tyre - a great tyre to accompany your Raven. I got 3 of them in fact in my garage that I be keen to sell to someone that would put them to use. I replaced them not long after buying with a pair of schwalbe marathon plus for the bike. I commute in the winter and the plus marathon for me give the least chance of gaining and having to struggle with a puncture repair in the early morning and evening darkness of the country lanes.

All three are size 50-559 so 26" x 2.0. They are all the standard evolution double defence model of the dureme tyre but are the wire bead type unlike the folding ones that SJScycles sell. Two have covered approx only 20 miles a tyre and the third still has the original tag attached.
The tandem model dureme tyres mentioned earlier came with a reinforced side wall I think to aid with the weight of such a bike frame.

If you are UK based and they be of interest to you then send me a PM and maybe we can go from there. I be asking a little less than SJS for them say how does 30 each sound? Let me know as I can get some pictures for you this week and hopefully find a suitable box for them in work to ship them in.

Happy Cycling & Best

Hello Kyle.
I've been trying to contact you about these tyres for about a week, with no reply.
Could you please get in touch?