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Re: Nomad Mk2 - Must haves
« Reply #15 on: February 18, 2019, 03:43:06 PM »
I'd pick disc compatible hubs, to be able to switch to disc brakes in the future. Or when you're chosing disc brakes, I'd pick rim brake compatible rims.

Good point.  When I bought my Rohloff in 2013, discs were still reasonably uncommon, but now that it is clear that the bicycle world is going in that direction, I would likey buy the disc version. 

I bought the CSS rims for my Nomad, thus I did not think I would ever be able to wear down the rim, but if CSS will not be available in the future (after the retail inventory runs out), then I would be more interested in disc for an expedition bike.


One other must have for a Nomad or possibly any other Rohloff fitted bike to carry on a tour would be a T20 wrench.  They are small, cheap, weigh almost nothing in your pannier, and if you need one you might find them a bit hard to find at any place other than a hardware store.

T25 is a common tool for disc rotors, but T20 is not that common for bikes.  But the EX box uses a T20, as does the clamp on the shifter.  I do not anticipate a shifter clamp coming loose, but if it did I would really want to have that wrench.

At one time I changed my EX and shifter bolts to allen head bolts, but the allen head did not fit my wrench very well, thus I went back to the original T20 bolts.  In my case it was simpler to buy and carry the wrench.