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David Simpson

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"Myths in Cycling" articles
« on: September 20, 2018, 08:50:55 PM »
Jan Heine has a series of articles entitled "Myths in Cycling". I haven't read them yet, but they look very interesting, especially since many of the topics are relevant to Thorn touring bikes (wider tires, steel frame, fender, rim brakes, etc).
  • Myth 1: Wider tires are slower
  • Myth 2: Titanium is lighter than steel
  • Myth 3: Fenders slow you down
  • Myth 4: Stiffer frames are faster
  • Myth 5: An upright position is always more comfortable
  • Myth 6: Tread patterns donít matter on the road
  • Myth 7: Tubeless tires roll faster
  • Myth 8: Modern components are lighter
  • Myth 9: Fork blades donít flex
  • Myth 10: Stiffer forks steer better
  • Myth 11: Rear tires should run at (significantly) higher pressures
  • Myth 12: Disc brakes work better than rim brakes
  • Myth 13: Leaning without Countersteering
  • Myth 14: More lumens make a better light
Here is the link to the first article. At the bottom of the article you will find links to the other articles.

- DaveS
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John Saxby

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Re: "Myths in Cycling" articles
« Reply #1 on: September 21, 2018, 02:03:55 AM »
Thanks for posting the list, Dave.

I've read most of the articles, and they're good value.

Sometimes, my personal experience differs from the trends in the articles:  f'r example, Compass' very nice 'n' smooth 26 x 1.8 Naches Pass tires are noticeably faster over the road than, say, my 26 x 1.6 Marathon Supremes; BUT, I get from A to B more quickly on my Supremes because I don't have to stop for flats :(

Maybe all the rain they have in Seattle washes the spiky bits off the roads?

Cheers,  John