Author Topic: Rohloff grips?  (Read 590 times)


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Rohloff grips?
« on: September 03, 2018, 12:41:45 PM »
I'm currently using Ergon GP1 grips with a rofloff shifter, but I'm not getting on with their shape.
I'd rather have a more "normal" rounded shaped grip.
It doesn't have to be Rohloff-specific (although that would be great), just be able to be cut down a bit to the appropriate length.
Are there any recommendations?
Thanks in advance for the help 🙂👍


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Re: Rohloff grips?
« Reply #1 on: September 03, 2018, 01:32:54 PM »
I've seen, but not used, the Brooks grips which are completely round (they also do an ergon shape).  You can get these in rohloff sizing.  Not cheap of course.

Andre Jute

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Re: Rohloff grips?
« Reply #2 on: September 03, 2018, 10:53:54 PM »
Brooks makes a variety of leather grips.

I use a Brooks hand grip, very rare, that hasn't been mentioned yet. It is made of saddle leather, literally stamped out of the offcuts of saddles. Each of these Brooks grip consists of a stack of thick leather washers held together between two cast aluminium end pieces by short bicycle spokes (yes, I did say short bicycle spokes), complete with heads and nipples. Two spoke lengths are delivered in such numbers that you can make either two full-length grips or a full-length and a shorter hub gearbox grip, where part of your hand rests on the rotary gear control. You also get two leather circles with their middles intact, which go inside the end-pieces to fill in the holes in the ends of the handlebar tube. (I don't use them because on one side I have my mirror mounted in the end of the handbag and on the other side lives the end of the cable for my n'lock which at the other end is attached inside the handlebar.

You'd think the on-edge leather roundels held tightly together would be either uncomfortable or over time conform to your fingers, but neither is the case. The grip is so comfortable that I cycle in dress gloves of thin leather, zero gel. I think it has mainly to do with the leather preventing micro vibrations from the road reaching my hands. Over time the grips develop a rich patina, just like a Brooks seat. I ordered both saddle and grips in Honey, a pale tan, and then darkened them to a lovely custom brown that no one else has by my secret method of soaking in neat's foot oil.

The image (click on it below for an enlargement) shows the edges of the leather rings and the heads of the mini-spoke connectors in the end-piece nearest you.

Recommend for comfort, customizability, durability, unique appearance and as a straightforward talking point with other cyclists -- you'd be surprised how many women are interested in such appurtenances of gracious cycling.
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