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Has anyone come across a solution to carrying a DSLR and one or two lenses on a bike? I like to combine my daily ride with a bit of photography on the way but dislike a backpack or a slingstrap. Has anyone found a pannier or bar bag specifically designed for photographers?

The ortlieb bar bag can be adapted to carry dslr camera. Have a look at


The Ortlieb camera insert as recommended by Oggi will fit most barbags and is well worth getting to protect your camera. My barbag is a Rixen and Kaul and I only ever have it on the bike when I need to carry a DSLR. Which as jags will tell you is very rare.

I agree it will fit most bar bags. I just happen to have an ortleib. I promise I donít have shares!

Used ortleib bar bag hated every mile did not feel that secure resorted to rear bag on a rack (thorn) for long trips and a camera Lowe pro sling bag for local trips (cannon eos 5 mk3 24 to 70 2.8 lens


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