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Three men on a Triplet in the Scottish Borders


Spotted 3 guys on a Thorn Triplet this mid-afternoon in Selkirk in the Scottish Borders. Panniers front and back but surely not camping! B&B tour guys? Never seen a three person bike before - its some loooooong machine!

Andre Jute:
Danish Design Review always has to go one better:

...and then some modern fellow just had to go another one better:

... but at least he got into the Tate. Can't say I think his bike would have been very stable with those stubby handlebars and five balances fighting each other.

In the first photograph that's the most famous designer of bicycles ever, Mikael Pedersen, pacing the quad of athletes on a singleton of his own design, the production model being called a Dursley-Pedersen.

Maybe Robin Thorn for a publicity stunt should put three riders on one of his triples and establish a 24-hour record, with way-records for lesser endurances, at some idle banked oval, something similar to the endurance bicycle races between the wars. He could call it the 24 Hours of Bridgwater.

Met these guys at John o'Groats a few years ago.
Not a Thorn though.

Andre Jute:
A sextuplet is definitely one up. I give over.                                                                                                                                             


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