Author Topic: Time to say goodbye?  (Read 503 times)

Andre Jute

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Re: Time to say goodbye?
« Reply #15 on: June 18, 2018, 02:56:35 AM »
I used to think I was alone.  Then I found this place, and realized many people are just like I am - they overthink everything, and do it at least twelve times over.  It's great to be home.  :)

I certainly like to know every component I will fit on a new bike; and every cheap component I will have the maker fit if he doesn't have my preferred component in stock. That's how I discovered the excellent Indian Amar cranksets: I positively hated the chubby Japanese cranks Utopia fitted because they were available in several lengths, so I ordered the bike with "Whatever you have on hand that is cheapest, and don't forget to give me the difference," because I intended throwing it off the moment I took delivery of the bike and bought aesthetically pleasing cranks (I was thinking of ancient French cranks -- those have style but couldn't be made to work within the Rohloff chainline with my preference for a wide tread). But I liked the Amar crankset so much that several years later I still rode with it, until at last I saw cranks that looked perfect and worked perfectly.

It's not so much the money you save -- the last time my time was available by the hour two or three hours would have paid for all the bikes I ever owned -- as the satisfaction of a job well done without waste. And at least I don't cringe when I look  at hardly worn parts chucked off on a whim or for a fashion. (That's because I keep them in a sealed, light-tight box in the loft.)


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Re: Time to say goodbye?
« Reply #16 on: June 20, 2018, 03:40:28 PM »
I've got 4 bikes now,including a new type Raven and an Audax with full 105,I much prefer riding the Raven as it just glides along albeit a bit slowly but thats fine as it gives me more time to admire the scenery,if I could only have 1 bike,this is the one I would keep,it's so versatile I feel with the Audax I am limited to the roads,not too sure about taking her along bridlepaths or canal towpaths,I'm not into chasing KOM,s on Strava so speed isn't that important to me,