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Re: Rohloff Disk Brake
« Reply #30 on: June 15, 2018, 04:54:00 PM »
I assume you mean the Koolstop Salmon pads, I can't think of anything better on a regular (non-CSS) rim.


I assume you have not invested anything into this project yet.  So, I will mention one other option for you to compare prices on.  There now is an Nomad fork that can take a disc brake.

Thus, you could leave your Rohloff hub untouched and keep using rim brakes on your rear CSS rim.  You I assume would need a new front hub, you could avoid buying the special four bolt Rohloff disc and use a standard disc, new spokes for the front wheel, maybe the cost to build up a new wheel on either your existing rim or a new rim, etc.  I have no idea if you use a dynohub or not, etc.

I do not know which would cost more, the disc on front or disc on rear, but you might want to do that research.

If you replace the fork, you might want to get a new crown headset race installed on the fork before they ship it to you.  You would also need a new star nut.  And, I have no idea if you would need to cut the steerer tube or not.

I too am of the opinion that such is the best way to proceed.  If I could still cycle, that would be my approach.  I think that for a light thin wheel and tire a lot of difference in ride can be in the forks, but with the width of tyres and sturdy overbuilt tubes of a touring bike, the impact of the front forks is more theoretical than real.  As such, I'd have no problems going to disk brakes with those Godzilla inspired front disk Nomad forks. 

Seven overweight elephants could not bend the rear stays on a Nomad. No thinking need be done. 

My own hesitation towards going to a disk setup is how fiddly disk brakes can be.  But the thought of 650B tires, for me, wins the day.  Or would - if I still could.  :)