Author Topic: Right side sync chain on Adventure and Discovery 2000 - 2004  (Read 1306 times)


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Right side sync chain on Adventure and Discovery 2000 - 2004
« on: March 27, 2018, 06:51:57 PM »
We bought a 531 Adventure from 2000 or 2001 a few years ago and the through drive gave us a bit of grief. In particular the sync chain tended to drop outwards from the rear 26t chainwheel onto the 22t inner drive ring. The first time I didn't work out what had happened until I tried to use the inner drive ring. For a while it worked OK as long as I did very frequent adjustment on the eccentric. The last straw was a major snarl up on a hill with a double break in the sync chain just before we were due to go on a tour. To our club mates' amusement we arrived at the coffee stop under stoker power.

I was mulling over various option to make it work more consistently when I remembered I had a NOS crossover Deore DX captain's chainset in hand and so could move to crossover at minimal expense and effort. This has been fine although it is heavier than the hollowtech Deore chainsets and can't provide such a low bottom gear.

We have just bought another Adventure, this one with S & S couplers and XT chainsets. This 2002 version has through drive but with alloy 30t sync chainwheels. I'm keen to make the through drive work well on this bike and encouraged to see the Discovery used by Marcus OTP for the round the world ride had same side drive.

What experiences do fellow Thorn tandem users have of this system? Are there any modifications or additions (such as a chainguide ahead of the sync chain wheel) that have proved useful?