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Frame Bag issue with Reynolds Tubes

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I'm looking to get a couple of different frame bags for my Club Tour. I ordered one of these:[url]]

But had to send it back when I found that the straps aren't designed for the kind of narrow steel tubes on Thorn bikes. They're made for the "fat" alloy frames and won't go tight enough.

i wrote to SJS who said:

"Unfortunately most of the other bags of this style we stock are all going to fit in a similar way so there is going to be one that is necessarily any better at fitting onto the narrow frame tubes of your Club Tour".

Which isn't massively helpful...

Does anyone know a decent make of frame bag that will fit on Club Tour tubes?


Hi, and welcome to the forum!
Have a look at the bags from Revelate Designs in Alaska USA. I have a Tangle frame bag on my Raven. The attachment system fits most tubes down to quite small diameter. There should be something that meets your needs. The website lists their worldwide distributors.
All the best.

I can't get your link to work, is that the small bag that sits on top of the top tube?
I have one and it doesn't fit well on any tube!  Tends to flop over until the strap that goes round the steerer stops it.
I also have a larger version from Alpkit, this has the advantage of being able to set the front strap  higher which reduces the flop. But again it's hard to get it tight, even on a fat tubed bike.  I'm considering a small bit of foam pipe lagging, which might both improve the fit and protect the paintwork.
I've been trying these as alternatives to my handlebar bag, not entirely successfully, I may just end up going back to that.

David Simpson:

--- Quote from: PH on March 19, 2018, 05:35:07 PM ---I can't get your link to work, is that the small bag that sits on top of the top tube?

--- End quote ---

The original link has extra stuff that wasn't needed. Here is the actual link:

- DaveS

I second the offerings from Alpkit in the UK. I have a custom stingray on my nomad that iím very happy with and can fit a lot of stuff in. An alternative could be one of their saddle bags which can swalllow a huge ammount of stuff and work well on my bike


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