Author Topic: passing distance becomes law.  (Read 134 times)

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Re: passing distance becomes law.
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Re: passing distance becomes law.
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There has been a 1 metre minimum passing distance for 2 wheelers in France at least since the late 1940's. My father was fined for colliding with a cyclist in Northern France on his motorcycle trip to the continent a few years after the 39-45 war.

Don't know exactly when the 1.5 metre passing distance outside built up areas was introduced in France, it must be at least twenty years ago.

The vast majority of motorists respect the 1 metre rule, at least in Brittany where I live.

Exception being when there is a cycle lane marked on the road, in which  case many motorists will drive close to the edge of the lane, even when it is narrow. One reason why I hate a lot of the cycling-specific infrastructure here.