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Re: Thinking of Gates Carbon
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After 4 years with a Gates  belt I have thankfully changed back to chain for two reasons. The cost of changing a sprocket was laughable and after much tinkering with belt tension I always thought the friction of the belt was greater than a chain. Yes admittedly lower maintenance.
I must have been unfortunate with timing but when I wanted to change a sprocket it came at the time when Gates had moved to the CDX split belt system so I was going to have to change carrier, sprocket, chainring and belt plus labour that was going to a fair sum.
Getting the sprocket off was a nightmare. In my case I donít believe it was ever possible with a strap wrench, it took two people, a vice , a cheater pipe and the Park tool below which was great. Shame gates didnít think of it. Their strap wrench wouldnít have done it.