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Re: What is the ideal ratio transmission
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So for you Pavel, a transmission 41X17 is ideal even bike loaded ..

But what about climb a pass ? ..

You seem in very good physical condition, is not it ?

That was the ratio that I used when I cycled from North Carolina to Texas in 2012 with my daughter.  I was carrying between 45 and 60 pounds on that trip, depending on food and water.  Virginia has some very impressive climbs, the most elevation gained of any state on the Trans-America tour, and I was in terrible shape and for weeks on end the temps were over 38-42 degrees with the horrid humidity that the South Eastern US has in summer.

That ratio was a guess on my part but it turned out perfect.  Not because my legs and body were up to the task, but rather by virtue of the fact that I can't seem to go in a straight line well enough under about 3 miles per hour, so a lower ratio turned out to be undesirable for me for that reason.  Both Bianca and I agreed that being that being macho and never pushing the bike up the hill was not something that worked for us. 

So in summation, I'd have to spin too fast with a lower ratio, (and I don't like to go over about 110 rpm) and I don't like to weave like a drunk, so we'd get off our bikes and push quite frequently on the worst of the climbs.  I think that getting off and pushing increased our daily miles, not that we cared about mileage for mileage sake at all, due to the change up the muscles got.  We normally did between 70 and 130 km each day and boy oh boy some days were tough.

I should mention that I was in very bad shape.  I was suffering from  stage four follicular lymphoma  and had about 8 kilos worth of a tumor  on the right side of my belly which often meant no sleep for days.  I had to stop to vomit a lot of the time. Strange .... that it was very  best 54 days of my life.