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Good rack bag needed around size of ortlieb barbag.

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Anyone suggest a good rack bag .I did have at one time the carradice but it sway e d the v e lco straps weren't great for keeping it locked down.anyway must be totally waterproof carry wetgear plenty snacks.

David Simpson:
I have the Ortlieb trunk bag. It is waterproof, and locks (with a key) securely to a mounting bracket that is clamped to the rack. I am very happy with it. The only downside is that it is a bit pricey.

Mine is last year's model, which I got on sale from The Touring Store in the US. It is item #11 on this page:
Regular price is US$145, on sale for US$94.25.

Interestingly, SJS sells the mounting bracket, but I didn't see the trunk bag on their site.

- DaveS

Thanks David way out of my price range  :'(
looks a great  bit of kit tho.
the ortlieb barbag is great but i can't mount lights on bars  which is a pain as i often do some night cycling .
i have light mounted on forks but i can't adjust them on the move bit of a pain that  ;D.
anyhooo i 'll keep searching tospeak has one but looks bulky  i'm after slim and beautiful and great price.


I found a rack bag more tedious to fasten on and take off than a pannier.
I now use a single pannier for most trips on my Thorn.
Just a thought…

Yes Julian found that with carradice  bag ,i just carry light rain jacket and snacks in barbag and  plenty bit's and pieces to get me out of a hobble..ah maybe i'll stick to what works lights are a problem tho .



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