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Ready for Off
« on: August 30, 2017, 11:05:56 AM »
Much problemo with medication and dentistry and can-we can't-we go on set dates. Extraction delays,arthritis and wot-not. Nearing near the idea to be put down. But one last go at this touring business...

One problem solved. Another is envisaged.

Flights. How did we do it last time? Or even,the time before that? And is the combobulations worth it? How many hurdles do you have to cross...before you call it a day.

The bikes will be packed: plastic sheeting and some plumbers foamed tubing. Got a letter from the Chief Exec of Flight Sales that says I can take bikes this way. But then....take off the pedals(have never done so on previous flight journeys)? How/where did we pack the pedal wrench in case airport official insists pedals come off,despite never having them off on previous occasions... custom and practice! In the throwaway bags we've packed our panniers(now all taped up)? Wotsabout at the other end when we arrive? How do we break into the secured bags without a knife...and we are not allowed to carry a knife on the plane!! Then,did we/didn't we leave the tool canister on the bikes in the bottle cages last year? Or what? (PS We carried a knife last time! But that was in the secured bag. How did we break into that taped secured bag?)

On arrival at the UK departure airport...wotsitgonnabelike? Walk thru constructive application? Or,x10 explanations,clarifications,maybe arguments.

Getting too old for this m'larky,me thinks.

Hope the bike and the bags arrive okay. Always have done. But airport security and procedures....different staff


I'm s'psed to be on holiday,enjoyin' meself!