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Which Raven Model? (& Max Load Chart)

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** Warning this is MY interpretation, not SJSC's they know better  **
Before reading through this table I should point out that the Ravens are very versatile and can be set up in a number of ways. This table is only designed to give a pointer in the right direction, final setup is all-important.

Rankings are:

7 = Highly Specialist (therefore not an all-rounder)
6 = Somewhat Specialist
5 = Highly Suitable
4 = Good Suitability
3 = Average Suitability
2 = Usable
1 = Not designed for environment

All the Ravens are a high quality bikes. I designed this table to differentiate between the Raven models, not to rank a Raven against any other bikes. I have tried to use the Raven Tour as the base line - a good all rounder.

Max Luggage: Please note that rider weight and especially road surface should be taken into account in calculating your maximum allowance.

I am open to comments, suggestions and corrections!

** Warning this is MY interpretation, not SJSC's they know better **

Sorry I cant get the table to align properly. Anyone know now to embed a table in the post?

Fred A-M:
Out of interest Stuart, where did you get the 18Kg figure for the RST from?  I'd always thought it was 15kg and so would be happy to learn otherwise!

Actually we are both wrong! It's 12kg rear and 5kg front. (17kg)
Thanks for making me check Fred - I will updated the table.

Regarding formatting/displaying a table in a post - I can think of 2 options :-

1. Request/persuade Forum Admin to activate table features of HTML in the Forum Code.
A point to consider is how good is your HTML?

2. Build the table in another application, e.g. word processor/spreadsheet and take a picture of it.
Post the table picture on a publicly accessible photo site and use the
[img] internet address of table picture [/img***] feature to include the table in your post.

Please note the end of image address tag should be /img with square brackets [ ] round it,
i.e. [/img***] is wrong,
I included *** to make it show the tag text in this post, without the *** most of my post turns into a missing image!

This latter [img] technique definitely works in the Members Gallery to show pictures of bikes.


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