Author Topic: Forum links to Danneaux's light and charger wiring posts  (Read 758 times)


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Forum links to Danneaux's light and charger wiring posts
« on: October 29, 2016, 02:38:40 AM »
Hi All!

Occasionally, Forum members will ask to see my light and charger wiring setups, shown in my Sherpa and Nomad galleries. Those topics are large and it is sometimes difficult to find the posts related to my light and dyno-charger wiring schemes.

To make it a bit easier to find these posts, I am repeating them here:

Danneaux's Nomad lighting and charging wiring:

Followon to Danneaux's Sherpa wiring, shown here:

Danneaux's DIY USB charging connectors for devices that do not have them:

These posts should answer the most common questions about how I routed my light and charger wiring, what connectors I prefer, and how I form "drip loops" for the connector wiring to the front hub.

The thumbnails for some attached photos were corrupted in a Forum software upgrade, but can often be viewed if you click on the generic image icon by each photo title. Unfortunately, Forum software limits photos to 4 uploads/post and won't allow deletions, so I have not always been able to restore corrupted photos.

The Forum's search function is your friend. To locate more posts by myself and others related to your interests, follow the tips on searching easily and effectively, posted here:


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