Author Topic: Calling Istanbul tea (advice on kit)  (Read 4194 times)

Chris Land

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Calling Istanbul tea (advice on kit)
« on: December 19, 2003, 11:00:57 AM »
Having finally decided to stick the kids in the trailer and ride our solos (mine's a nomad, Bek's is a custom job from LA cycles) on our 2 year tour (starting next sept) I now find myself thinking hard abour equipment.

In the interests of science, we are doing a comparative study of panniers - Ortlieb vs. Carradice - so luggage is sorted.  Thorn 531 heavy-duty racks and front loaders etc. So the basic kit is sorted.  

As on previous tours we will be using our Hilleberg Nallo 4GT tent, Mountain Equipment bags for us, and Ajungilak Knottes for the kids.  Thermarest ultralite mats.  The trailer is a Leggero classico.  Trangia plus Whisperlite or similar for cooking.  Waterfilter etc. First aid kit.

BUT what about spares and tools etc?  Istanbul, what are you taking?  What about other long-distance tourers?  What tyres should we use (26") (Schwable marathon XR anygood?)?  What about 16" tyres for the trailer? What are the crucial luxuries (other than a camera)?

Oh yeah - and what is the best way to clean a chain in the field?


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Re: Calling Istanbul tea (advice on kit)
« Reply #1 on: December 19, 2003, 04:15:28 PM »

For tools we're going with a Topeak Alien XS Multi-Tool-as good as Park and not as expensive.

and a Swiss Army Swiss Tool RS

For spoke adjustment a Park Multi-Spoke Bike Wrench

For chain upkeep we are going to use the Finish Line Grunge Brush Combo

and a Topeak Universal Chain Tool

We are going to be riding on Schwable Marathon XR's-26x1.9.  We've heard nothing but good things about them from everyone from Robin Thorn to Mark & Ju McLean... they have some added tread and therefore a bit more added grip.

Yes, take 1 spare 16 incher for the miniature human beings trailer.  Also a tire/puncture/patch kit-  A folding tire, 3 spare inner tubes and some good epoxy glue for anything including tire emergencies and a tire lever or 11. [^]

Essential luxuries e.g. anything that doesn't weigh much!  We're planning on these-

1.  1 paperback(not hardback)book for my Mrs. and 1 for me.  Good thing here is they don't weigh a lot(unless you're taking Webster's or War and Peace)and when you finish it you hand it to your other half AND then after they're done... stop at a used book store, sell it and buy a new or used one and off you go.  We could just use the computer-see below-for reading books online/hard drive BUT nothing replaces the pleasure of "holding" a book in ones hand and sitting back under a tree and reading until you doze off!  Sometimes the old ways are best!

2.  Digital camera.  I really feel like these are better for a number of reasons BUT especially if you're going to be maintaining a website whilst out touring-which we will.  Otherwise, camera/film/batteries.

3.  Laptop computer.  Website maintaince, emails, ordering gear if something wears out, music at night in the tent, watching movies, etc.  Or, if you're touring in more civilized areas... Internet Cafe's for maintaining your site/ordering gear/keeping in touch with family and friends and ditch the computer.

4.  Power sources for above items... battery chargers and solar panel.

5.  Cell phone... they exist so therefore having one makes sense to us-just in case.

6.  Essential toys for miniature human beings.  We tremble with fear at the thought of 1 or more days locked up in our tent with our 4 year old daughter while it snows/rains/storms outside and she grows bored.   [:0][}:)]

7.  School books.  This applies to us because we will be home-schooling our daughter on the road.

I am sure the list will grow in time... but that's all of our essentials that we've come up with as of now.

Lastly, I'll assume Bek is your wife and say, where are your priorities??  The Mrs. gets the custom bike while yours is Off The Peg??!![:I][:D]

**Note- The links I used are for examples of the items.  I am not promoting those sites as I have NO affiliation with them.  Plus, you're in the UK so shipping would be a killer for you so use whomever you like over on your side of the pond(SJS, perhaps??  [;)] ).

Chris Land

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Re: Calling Istanbul tea (advice on kit)
« Reply #2 on: December 22, 2003, 12:37:58 PM »
Thanks for that IT.  We're skipping the computer and going for the classic 'moleskin' notebooks to record our travels.  Camera is an SLR so we can send film home and get it developed and scanned in by my father!  Hope to update our website from cafes whenever possible.  Think I might give the Marathon XRs a go too.  I've used the regular tyres, but the 1.9 and nobbly tread should aid comfort.  Plus they do a folding version...  Grunge brush looks good too. Might pick one up as I'm unsure about the use of a chain-bath long term.

Re: my priorities!  Fair point but I am a basic 'off-the-peg' kind of shape (6'2" with long legs and about 90kg), whilst Bek (my wife) is a bit short and slim. The big Nomad size fits me fine, but she wanted something with shorter cranks and a slightly lower BB to bring the saddle down a bit. Otherwise its pretty much a mini version of a nomad.  I am less sure about the tubing though as it is 853, with (I think) 725 for the rear triangle and 531 forks... Something like that.  Pretty light and I just hope it holds up to fully laden touring on rough terrain, though it has been fine so far...  Frame is so small that I guess the tubes don't matter so much and the builder reckons it'll be fine.  Still, having seen your exp I am tempted with a new frame and forks [:p]