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[THORN KICKSTAND POLICY] Bicycle stand for Club Tour

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il padrone:

--- Quote from: Mike Ayling on July 25, 2018, 11:34:44 PM ---
There goes your warranty, Pete!

--- End quote ---
1. The bike (frame-only purchase) is seven years old now. Not sure about the time-span of the warranty.

2. The exception for kickstands is ONLY if the damage was caused by the fitting or use of a kickstand. If the frame fails or has faults in other regards the warranty still applies.

3. Regardless, I am not too bothered  ;)

Just add to this, I live in Germany where there are about ten times as many bikes as in the UK, used about 10 times as often, for shopping, touring and daily commuting and travel. So the German market has considerably more experience of most things bike.

Almost ALL bikes are fitted with chainstay fitted kickstands, and are frequently used with heavy luggage. I have asked all my friends whether any of them have suffered damaged frames from the use of their kickstands over the years, and none have. I have now asked at seven different bike shops whether they have seen frames damaged in that way; so far none have. None, zero. This includes thin frames, cheap aluminium frames, as well as stronger city bikes. Thorn claim that their frames are heat-hardened steel of the best quality. Nomads even have 19mm 969 chainstays! Now, I am not saying that it is impossible to damage a frame either by over-tightening bolts or by putting too much weight on the kickstand side of the bike, of course it is possible. But it seems that with a modicum of German common sense millions of daily kickstand users have few problems.

I typically use a kickstand, and so far, over 40 years of using them on quality bicycles, three kickstands have broken either from years of use or by using them to take the weight of the bike while I spin the rear wheel (not recommended). I have never damaged the chainstay. So it might just be possible that Thorn's reaction to the kickstand by be somewhat over-reactive.

I installed chainstay mounted kickstands on both my Sherpa and Nomad before I was aware of the Thorn policy.  But I would have installed them anyway and taken the risk.  The paint on my Nomad is no longer glossy under the plastic fitting that is between the kickstand and the frame, over time dirt got in there and abraded the paint a bit.

People have crushed chainstays on Surlys if they install a kickstand just aft of the bottom bracket shell. 

A few months ago Thorn came out with a new way to mount kickstands on some Thorns.  More at this thread on that fitting.

A photo of the bracket used for my chainstay mounted kickstand on my Nomad.

Hi Mick
I put a stand on the chainstay of my Raven in exactly the spot you have it on your Nomad.
I now have a small rust spot on the lower chainstay.
I guess grit got under something.
I have since remove  the prop. But do miss it.
I think for my next tour I'll bodge a " Click stand" from a stick. Double up as a dig deterrent.

 They are American, slightly pricy for what they are, but they work brilliantly on a heavily
laden bike.

I have used one for several years



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