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Hi everyone,

I bought my Nomad in England and bring at home in France.

Frame size 565L

Wheels was Ryde Grizzly but replaced by Ryde Andra 40 rims

Transmission  17 x 36

Brakes Shimano XT

The Nomad is in superb condition (around 2000 miles)

A big "thank you" to Dan of course! for his help, but too JimK and all who took the time to replying me.

Elle est tres chic!

Congratulations, I'm sure a wonderful summer of riding awaits!


Hi Julien!

I am so very pleased and happy to see this delightful end to your very long search. The bicycle is everything I know you hped it would be, and look absolutely showroom-fresh.

What a wonderful outcome, and all congratulations; it is a truly beautiful bike, well worth the wait. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Now, I'm eagerly looking forward to photos of it in use on your planned travels, camping and being enjoyed as you have long hoped.

All the best,


Beautiful! Yes please do tell us about your rides! What I love about my Nomad is that it is so reliable and versatile so I know I can go anywhere and the bike will get me home. So that helps me feel encouraged and supported to go out and explore and see where the road and/or trail will take me!


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