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Andre Jute:
You're such a knowledgeable fellow, John. I'd forgotten the "Kipper", thought it is so nasty that forgetting it is no loss. Now that I'm old and only want hear about fine weather to cycle in tomorrow, doubly so.

John Saxby:
Thanks for your kind words, Andre. We're in accord on the matter of fine weather -- with the only winds being tailwinds -- right now, no trick names required :-)

Enjoy your cycling on what I hope is a sunny weekend.  Kinda sticky here -- temps around 30 - 31, and humid.  We need a thunderstorm to clear the air and to give us some rain. 

I'm doing maintenance on my Raven in the cool of my basement workshop, checking nuts & bolts & chain tension, and changing my brake pads. I'm prepping the bike 'cos in mid-June I head west by train for a 3-week Tour des Montagnes. I'll begin near Jasper in Alberta, and head S and W to Montana, Idaho, a bit of BC, and then through Washington state to the Pacific Coast.

Andre Jute:
Fantastic trip, John. May the wind be behind you and all the hills run downwards for you. I'm looking forward to the photographs.

On Thursday a pedal pal and I, on one of our familiar loops through the lanes, were plotting to link two of them by a hard piece of road so as to avoid the dangerous narrow bit on the main highway that links them more obviously. It's a sad comment on our public roads that we'll tackle several nasty long hills rather than ride a few hundred yards on a piece of public highway. The irony is that I spoke to the engineer in charge of rebuilding that road, and she told me, "We're not widening it so as to preserve the natural beauty between the road and the river." Great aspiration, madam, but nobody gets to see it because we can't get there, and the cars, all with one person in them, grimly concentrating on the car in front, whizz through the tight bends at 100kph.


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