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Any opinions or thoughts on a comfortable touring shoe that is as good on the pedals as off... e.g. one that serves well for riding AND walking??

Call me Mr. Retro, but if you want a comfortable walking shoe then go  get a comfortable, sturdy low cut hiking shoe at your local outfitter (EMS, LL Bean, etc in the US). Then mate it with MKS GR9 platform pedals (SJSC in the UK, Rivendell or Harris in the US) with clips and straps. You can wear anything with these pedals, so when your shoes fall apart in Azerbaijan you just get a pair of cheap sneakers and keep going.

Grant Petersen at Rivendell, THE Retro-Grouch, says "If you put these on a bike, you probably will never take them off". And would SJSC offer them as a recommended option on the xTc, eXp and Nomad if they didn't work? Inexpensive, too.

Me thinks you have a great idea there!  Time for an email to Robin to change the pedals on my eXp.

Thx Cep!!


Going off your suggestion...

What kinds of shoes have you worn for touring?  Hiking boots, sneaks??  Any suggestions on that particular area?


Get a pair of shoes with recessed cleats (almost certainly spd's). You can walk in them and they are so much better than cycling with straps.

These will never be as good as a proper walkign shoe, but they are fine for a few miles.


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