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Does anyone know of insurance to cover worldwide cycling for longer trips of up to 1 year..?

M&S do a home insurance contents policy which can extend cover for possessions (including bicycles) worldwide.
They also have a travel insurance policy which can have a term of a year, although it costs more if your holiday is classed as a hazardous activity e.g. an expedition.

I have no connection with M&S except as a happy customer of the home insurance.

Getting insurance to cover your big bicycle tour is more complicated. If youíre bike touring for 90 days or less, itís easy to find insurance. Even finding policies of up to 1 year isnít too hard. For more than 12 months, however, you have to focus in on a specific set of long-term policies and Ė hopefully Ė find one that will let you renew the policy from overseas.

I agree with Henryka.

I think your bet best would probably be to check on a Cycling Travel Insurance coverage. They would offer Travel Insurance in Europe and Worldwide for trips where you will be participating in Cycling. You might also want to check here for some options:


Hope it helps!

I think you should get an international travel health insurance. International travel health insurance will cover illnesses and accidents while traveling abroad. The coverage, premium, and other terms will depend on your personnel requirement.
So I think that you should discuss your matter with the insurance company. You can detail discuss the terms like coverage, period of cover, etc.


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