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Yorkshire 'Tour de France' in aid of Himalayan villages 13 - 14 June 2015


lewis noble:
Hello everyone

This topic has only a marginal connection with Thorn / SJSC - though as I rode a Thorn bike in a sponsored London 2 Paris earlier this year, and am likely to be in the support team at this event, I reckon it is reasonable to publicise it here!  Thanks to our esteemed Moderator for agreeing with that.

My wife is a Trustee of a charity, Phase Worldwide - the fundraising arm of Phase Nepal.  The basic aim of the charity is to support health care, educational and livelihood projects in remote Himalayan villages in Nepal - often several days walk away from the nearest road.  The villages are mostly in very poor areas of a poor country, a long way off the better known trekking areas.

My wife has been involved in helping and mentoring the local healthcare workers, other projects include development of primary education, chimney provision for the cooking stoves etc.

Dilys makes about 2 visits to the remote areas of Nepal per year, and an article by her can be found in the June issue of the Newsletter, link via the website -

(not sure how to make the above a click on link).

The basic plan of the June sponsored ride is to cover the Yorkshire route of the 2014 Tour de France, doing it in 2 days, finishing in Sheffield.  Details on the website, click on 'Challenges'.  We are involved in planning the detailed route - no road closures for us! So we are looking for quieter roads near the main TdF route.

If anyone fancies joining us and getting sponsorship for this ride (The London 2 Paris earlier this year raised over 20k), please sign up!!


A real worthy cause, Lewis. If I were more local to the locale, I'd join in blink!

All the best,


lewis noble:
The distances you cover, Dan, just leave home a couple of weeks before and you should be in time for the event!!


What a fascinating read, particularly regarding conversion syndrome. PHASE seems to be doing some valuable work in the region and is surely deserving of support.


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