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Thorn General / Thorn 853c Fork on a MK.3 Audax?
« Last post by yorkshirethorn on August 09, 2018, 07:56:08 PM »
Good Evening,

I have an Audax Mk3 (not R) which I have had millennium carbon forks fitted to since build (I still have the new original steel forks which are probably between the ST 700 low loader fork and the MK4 700c fork).

Not keen on the feel of the ITM Millennium, so my question is, should I just use the standard steel fork or is the new 853 that much comfier?
The bike is for long rides, I have other Thorns for load carring, so comfort is a priority. The cost is 270 plus fitting, which obviously I would rather not spend but I do value comfort in my advancing years! Do you think it is worhthwile?
Has anyone carried out a similar upgrade?

Thank you in advance (and sorry for being a duffer!)
Transmission / Re: Eccentric BB setting when fitting a new chain?
« Last post by geocycle on August 09, 2018, 04:41:43 PM »
I always start with the thinnest part of the BB pointing along the chain stay so the distance from the BB to the hub is as short as possible.  The chain should be slack. Then when the chain is on I rotate the BB so the thick side of the BB moves toward the chain stay and the chain will tighten.  Moving the BB effectively increases the distance from BB to hub and tightens the chain.
Cycle Tours / The length of Japan from Cape Soya to Cape Sata
« Last post by j-ms on August 09, 2018, 01:16:20 PM »
Currently in Chitose on Hokkaido.  Tomorrow morning we set off northwards to Cape Soya from where we plan to cycle southwards with the hope of reaching Cape Sata on the south of Kyushu with enough time to get back to Osaka for our flight back to South Africa at the end of October.  Journal is available at
Transmission / Re: KMC X1 Chain
« Last post by j-ms on August 09, 2018, 01:12:35 PM »
I got 10,000 Kms on my Raven out of my first KMC X1 chain.  After battling through a number of other chains for the next 5,000 Km I resorted to another KMC X1 about ten days ago.  Hope I get 10K out of this one too.
Transmission / Re: Eccentric BB setting when fitting a new chain?
« Last post by rafiki on August 09, 2018, 12:42:36 PM »
Just looking at it now Dave. Not sure how I know it is all the way back. I don't see a mark.
Transmission / Re: KMC X1 Chain
« Last post by Brush2805 on August 09, 2018, 10:01:58 AM »
They do look very nice, just thought there might be some solid facts behind the KMC marketing.
Bikes For Sale / Thorn Sherpa Mkii 610S for sale
« Last post by Mothola on August 09, 2018, 09:00:57 AM »
Transmission / Re: KMC X1 Chain
« Last post by Andre Jute on August 09, 2018, 06:29:51 AM »
There's one thing though: these high-level KMC chains turn the pins over with something called "bull's eye" technology, so you shouldn't use a chain breaker to shorten the chain. On the other hand, the KMC instant links are superbly well made and reusable, so there is no need for a chain splitter in you tool kit. An instant link came with every KMC chain I've ever bought.

How do you shorten a chain without using a chain breaker?

Short answer: You don't. You still need the chain splitter to clear away the unwanted link(s). It would perhaps have been clearer if I said: "You must not put the chain together again with the chain splitter because, as you cannot match the bullseye technology for reforming the rivet head, reusing the pin will result in a weak spot; instead you must always use an instant link. You can use more than one instant link on a KMC chain without any adverse effects. There is thus no need for the hefty precision chain splitter in your on-bike toolkit; the one on your multitool will do for removing a link. Since I go no further from home these days than the confines of Ireland, at most a couple of nights in a guest house or hotel, I don't carry a chain splitter at all."

I do hope you're having me on. I'm pretty sure everyone else understood that I meant to exclude the chain splitter only from putting together the shortened chain. If we start doubting the closures of meaning experienced cyclists make, explanations on a written board will soon become turgid.

Thanks for catching that slip!
Wheels, Tyres and Brakes / Re: Rohloff Disk Brake
« Last post by Danneaux on August 08, 2018, 10:40:44 PM »
Doing the rear end with a new Rohloff (or maybe new Rohloff shell) is a more complex and expensive step.
Pete, I think only the disc end cap and a fresh gasket, not the entire hub shell. Dave Whittle can best advise here as to parts and labor for conversion cost or SJS Cycles could if you drop them a note.

While your son is certainly accomplished at Rohloff stripping (respect!), getting the parts as an individual might be difficult -- potentially hazardous if they are not original Rohloff pieces available only to authorized service outlets. See:

All the best,

Wanted / Wanted Thorn Raven for 5ft 10" person
« Last post by spoof on August 08, 2018, 10:29:26 PM »
Hello forum,

Looking to buy a Thorn Raven touring bicycle of size suitable for 5ft 10" person maybe 562L, 565L or 587S would be fit?
Get in touch if you fancy a change and want to sell yours as am able to travel and collect with cash.

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