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Muppets Threads! (And Anything Else) / Re: Rubber bands
« Last post by Andre Jute on May 25, 2019, 11:18:35 PM »
Andre; crime free area?

We had a menage a trios among some guest workers from the Balkans, ending in the murder of one of the three. But they were so clumsy, they threw the body into the river without weights to sink it and in plain sight of the police station. I kid you not. I turned up around noon and a policeman guarding the steps down which the State Pathologist (one, singular, for the entire country) was working told me it was all over bar a storm of paperworks, crime solved, perpetrators caught, confessions being typed up.

I typically cycle in my street clothes: khakis, cords, flannels, suchlike, a dress shirt, and a zip-up wind cheater or in the summer a safari jacket. In particular, with reference to grip, I wear leather dress gloves, full fingered, because I'm very light skinned. But even on the hottest day -- nothing like you're referring to -- I have no problem with grip. However, my handlebar grips are like nothing you've ever seen, and that may account for it. They're from Brooks, and they're made from the offcuts of quite thick saddle leather, stamped out into rings which are assembled on short bicycle spokes between two cast aluminium spoke holders, after which the whole assembly is slid onto the handlebar end and fixed with screws through cast ali ends. Mine after many years of wear appear smoother than when new, and a different colour (originally they were honey, but I immediately tinted the honey saddle and grips with neat foot oil to a brown not listed by Brooks) from handling by leather gloves. But run the palm of a bare hand over it, and you can feel the discontinuities between the leather rings. It works at least as well as patterned rubber grips, and looks a damned sight smarter. Here's a closeup of the grip on my bike when it was new(ish).

And here's a fuller description and review:

While we're on the subject of grips, a rubber grip with which I've had particularly good luck is an inexpensive  grip from Herrman of Finland, which finds particular favour with German custom builders, which is where I learned about them. They're manufactured to such tight tolerances that you'd better fit them right the first time, because you'll never take them off again without using a blade. Here's the style SJS carries:'s
Cycle Tours / London to Edinburgh via Land's End and John o'Groats
« Last post by j-ms on May 25, 2019, 08:13:19 PM »
We are now more than a week into our tour of the UK and really grateful for all the good weather we have enjoyed so far.  My journal can be read at:


Muppets Threads! (And Anything Else) / Re: I remember when...
« Last post by rafiki on May 25, 2019, 05:45:58 PM »
My father moved us to Ware in 1960 for his job. I was there until 1968 when I went to Bangor (N. Wales) to study Agriculture as a mature (?) student. After many years working in East Africa we returned to live in Royston where we lived for 20 years. I had returned to the small malting company in Stansted Abbotts which I worked at in the mid sixties on leaving school and before university. I still visit regularly as I have family in Herts and I have a fondness for my old company in Stansted Abbotts.
Muppets Threads! (And Anything Else) / Re: I remember when...
« Last post by Matt2matt2002 on May 25, 2019, 05:15:07 PM »
You mentioned Hertfordshire.Rafiki.
Barnet boy here. Where were you?
Good memories. 1953 model myself.
Muppets Threads! (And Anything Else) / Re: Rubber bands
« Last post by Matt2matt2002 on May 25, 2019, 05:11:51 PM »
Thanks Mick, & Andre.
I had a real problem with grip in the Sri Lankan heat a few years ago.And I was using fingerless gloves. I took a pretty flat route but recall the shifter spinning in my hand when I changed gear due to sweat.
Those rubber bands would have helped.
I had a couple on the bottom EBB bolts following your tip. I should have used them!

Andre; crime free area? I'm sure you realise how fortunate you are.
Here in Aberdeenshire we are low risk but sense a change in the wind. Mindless youth vandelism at schools etc. Sad times.
Muppets Threads! (And Anything Else) / Re: I remember when...
« Last post by rafiki on May 25, 2019, 04:50:41 PM »
When one enters dotage distant memories become more vivid I think. On my daily rides I think about my past life much more these days. Happy, sad, exciting, dull; life's rich pattern!
Muppets Threads! (And Anything Else) / Re: I remember when...
« Last post by Andre Jute on May 24, 2019, 11:47:09 PM »
Fabulous memories, Brian. And memory, too, for the details.
Muppets Threads! (And Anything Else) / Re: Rubber bands
« Last post by Andre Jute on May 24, 2019, 11:44:34 PM »
I use O-rings. The O-ring holding the base of my bicycle computer on the handlebar has been on there for ten years, and as part of a 10-year valedictory survey of every component and fitting and fastening on the bike I recently tested it, and found it good to go. The computer, a Sigma, is supposed to twist out of the base and be carried in your pocket when you leave the bike, but I live in such a no-crime area that I just leave it on the bike (I also use open pannier baskets, and leave stuff in them, and have never lost anything). So, the O-ring may or may not last so long if it were stressed by repeatedly removing and replacing the computer-head.
Muppets Threads! (And Anything Else) / Re: Rubber bands
« Last post by mickeg on May 24, 2019, 11:19:21 PM »
Re rubber bands; I think I recall someone saying they used them around the 2 fixing bolts on the EBB.

Dan is correct, that was me.  Photo shows regular bands from the store but someone on this forum suggested that I cut some bands from inner tube rubber, as they would last much longer in the outdoor weather.  I have done that.

Once while riding I thought something was getting loose, was not sure if pedal bearing or what, but eventually realized that one of the bolts had worked loose.  I wanted to make sure I never lost one, they are an unusual thread specification in USA, I would not be able to get a substitute easily.  Initially I put locktite on but later I removed that.  Then tried the rubber bands (a couple in case one breaks).  Works better than locktite.

I removed the locktite because someone on this forum had mentioned that when he changed his chain tightness settings which involved loosing those bolts, he would remove one of the bolts so he could look at the eccentric through the bolt hole to get one of the previously used indentations centered in the hole before tightening the other bolt.  That sounded like a great idea, but with the fine thread on those bolts, it takes a long time to remove one of those bolts if locktite was used.


Second photo, another rubber band idea, but this was with wider rubber bands cut from inner tube rubber.  Keeps the dirt out of my S&S threads.  I still carry a wrench at all times that can tighten the couplers if they get loose, but with the rubber bands on each coupler, they have never worked loose while I rode.


When touring, I often used rubber bands to roll up some of my clothing items into cylindrical shapes, use rubber bands to hold them from unrolling. 
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