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Rohloff Internal Hub Gears / Re: dirty oil
« Last post by Andre Jute on Today at 11:06:17 AM »
Discussion of advanced oil change practices in "Power-servicing your Rohloff" found at
Member's Gallery / Re: Drop bar Nomad mk2
« Last post by DTrot on Today at 05:43:29 AM »
The bike will be used for commuting that is 50% off road., 40mile round trip in Cornwall. Also touring when I get time. Yes, itís an oval chainring from absoluteBLACK. The frame has bottle bosses filled with bolts.
Member's Gallery / Re: Drop bar Nomad mk2
« Last post by mickeg on January 17, 2022, 11:06:12 PM »
I do not see a lower bottle cage below the downtube.  If you do not plan to put one on, if the bolt holes are open, I suggest some bolts in the holes to keep out any water or dirt thrown up from the front tire.
Member's Gallery / Re: Drop bar Nomad mk2
« Last post by Danneaux on January 17, 2022, 10:11:57 PM »
Yay! Another drop-'bar Nomad Mk2!  ;D

Still delighted with my 2012 model configured similarly.

Best wishes for happy rides,

Member's Gallery / Re: Drop bar Nomad mk2
« Last post by Oldboybob on January 17, 2022, 10:02:13 PM »
Now that's a look I haven't seen before on a Nomad. Is that some sort of open saddle on it?
Member's Gallery / Re: Drop bar Nomad mk2
« Last post by brummie on January 17, 2022, 09:59:29 PM »
Is that chainring oval?
Member's Gallery / Re: Drop bar Nomad mk2
« Last post by PH on January 17, 2022, 09:38:38 PM »
Looking good.
Any specific use for it?  Or is it more a do it all, everyday bike?
Non-Thorn Related / Re: What makes a bike feel/ride "special" to you?
« Last post by PH on January 17, 2022, 09:07:31 PM »
Looking at my list of bikes, I realize how many would be considered "obsolete" by current riders.
I consider obsolescence one of those things that can only be decided by the rider, disagreement being pointless, whichever direction you're disagreeing in.
I ride in a group where the variety of bikes has shaped many of my opinions, from those who bought a bike 30+ years ago and see no reason to change, to those who have an idea their bike is tired and in need of replacement every couple of years.  I fall somewhere in the middle, sometimes it's nice to have a change just for the sake of it, though it can turn out to be either an advantage or a mistake depending in part on how clear the objectives are.  One thing for sure, any idea I had that the bike makes the rider, disappeared many years ago, I frequently ride with someone with a pre Rohloff Nomad, they had it when I met them over twenty years ago, apart from a re-paint they've just changed worn out stuff - Club rides, Audax, Challenge rides, a few tours - I've never got to the top of any hill before them :-\
Rohloff Internal Hub Gears / Re: dirty oil
« Last post by PH on January 17, 2022, 08:47:10 PM »
Do whatever makes you happy, I've never seen a report that not doing an oil change better caused an issue, I suspect the requirement for annual or 3,000 miles is already on the cautious side.

Here's what makes me happy:
Flush with 25ml
If it looks dirty flush again with another 25ml
Insert 25ml Oil
Go for a ride
Remove 15ml

Mileages on my hubs are
103,000 (96,000 recorded, 7,000 a very conservative guess for the rest)
48,000 (Though only 7,000 of those by me)
11,000 for the baby of the group

All three had a couple of early oil changes when new, then the regular annual/3,000 mile routine, though I'm not fussed about +/- a month or a few miles.
No problems so far.

I'd also note that the oil has changed over the years, the stuff I bought with the bike in 2003 went in looking dirty! Plus you had to shake it up as it partly separated.
Rohloff Internal Hub Gears / Re: dirty oil
« Last post by JohnR on January 17, 2022, 06:47:30 PM »
My inclination is to make the oil changes more frequent rather than do double-flushing. The first three oil changes for my Mercury's Rohloff hub have average 75% of the recommended interval although there's an element of chance in that as I aim to do the changes when the weather is warm and the oil flows more freely. I wouldn't be wanting completely clean oil as having some fine metallic dust in the oil in the hub probably helps with the final polishing of the gear surfaces.
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