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Title: Please contact me if you have been unexpectedly dropped from the rolls
Post by: Danneaux on March 15, 2014, 08:04:14 PM
Hi All!

At present, we receive about 600 membership applications daily and the vast majority are flagged correctly as spammers by our Forum's filter mod. I take great care to manually review each one before accepting the spam filter's recommendations to delete, sometimes running the applicant's IP address, username, email, etc, through third-party databases to confirm before deleting. A near-eidetic memory for usernames, membernames, email addresses and bicycles makes the job go faster but is pretty useless otherwise.

Recently, our Forum's spam filter has falsely red-flagged some members in good standing as "likely spammers". I'm investigating the reasons for this and hope it will be a short-term issue. Though no one has been affected so far it is possible that even with care, a valued member will be accidentally deleted or banned. If this happens, please contact me direct through gmail, since PMs won't work if you're deleted. I've made my address a tiny bit obscure so the spambots won't index it directly; you'll figure it out if you need to.

Meantime, you may wish to check your username, email, or IP address against the database at Stop Forum Spam: If you find yourself listed there it is likely you will have problems on other Forums, as many use this filter. If you find yourself listed unfairly or incorrectly as a spammer, you can address the issue here:



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