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Title: Bob Yak Trailer and RST
Post by: j22jbl on August 26, 2010, 06:10:51 PM

You may note my recent post on panniers. I am also looking into a Bob Yak. This will initially be towed behind my wife's bike, a Trek Navigator (well she likes it a lot especially now I have upgraded tyres to Schwable Supremes!). In the longer term I guess it will take its place behind my RST, but that wont be until my six year old gets a bit bigger and can take his own bike, instead of being towed on a trailer bike attached to me seat post.

I have seen a few negative reviews on line over build quality and general poor feel of the Bob Yak behind bikes with longer chain stays (wouldn't have thought that would include the RST, or would it?).

Any feedback would be appreciated.