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Title: B&M Secula Plus Tail light??
Post by: Thomas777 on December 19, 2018, 02:21:01 AM
I am wanting a rear Dyno powered tail light and I like the above mentioned as it mounts to the fender. But I am trying to find out if all the wiring is concealed? I would run the wires insided the fender/mudguard and cover it with aluminum tape. But will the connection at the light be totally covered?
Title: Re: B&M Secula Plus Tail light??
Post by: martinf on December 19, 2018, 10:01:57 AM
I use B&M Secula Plus rear lamps on several bikes. The wires plug into the lower part of the lamp, if current models are still the same you have two options, either bare wires held by plastic clips or spade connectors. I run twin wires (supplied with the lamp), not sure if it is possible to run a single wire and earth to the mudguard and hence the frame via the bolt that fixes the lamp to the mudguard.

If using spade connectors these can be wrapped in the black shrink sleeve (supplied with the lamp) for protection from the elements.

If you are worried about reliability, in my experience the spade connectors have been totally reliable for several years on all weather commuter bikes and visitor bikes.

If your concern is neatness, the connection to the rear lamp is not invisible, you would see the wires coming from the mudguard to the lamp, unless you rig up some kind of cover.

The link below has a photo of a Secula lamp wired up (scroll to near the end). Dont have a pic of my own setups, but they are neater than the setup in the photo.
Title: Re: B&M Secula Plus Tail light??
Post by: Thomas777 on December 19, 2018, 02:02:55 PM
Thanks! I was hoping to have a neater install. Will do some more research.
Title: Re: B&M Secula Plus Tail light??
Post by: mickeg on December 19, 2018, 06:20:39 PM
I have a Secula Plus but I did not mount it on a fender (mudguard), it is a great light.  I have the fender version but I made a bracket to mount it on a rack instead.

Here is a thread I started on hiding the wires for a taillight.  Several others added comments.

I used the tile sealant that was discussed in that thread, it worked great.  It was messy, I used some disposable gloves.  And I bought a lot of cheap clothes pins to use to hold the wire on the sealant until it hardened up.  I let it sit to harden up for a couple weeks, I did not want to risk removing the pins and using it sooner.  I ran the wires under the fender off to one side, not down the middle.  I did not get any of the sealant on the outside of the fender, but that is a risk so you should have plenty of wipes handy.

To make it easier to remove the fender from the frame, I added some quick connectors where the wires come out of the fender, the quick connectors are above the bottom bracket.  Thus, the wire along the downtube can be separated from the wires under the fender.

I have no photos at this time.  Sorry.

I drilled two holes through the fender for mounting the light, the wires pass through one hole and the light bolt passes through the other.  You have to be careful you do not get the light too high or too low on the fender or the light will aim upwards or downwards.  I could not mount mine exactly where I wanted it because of a fender bracket was there, but I was pretty close to getting it where I wanted it.